Chelsey Laborde Blankenship

Digital media enthusiast | small business owner | marketing professional

About Me

Chelsey_FinalSocial media experts have ruined social marketing. There, I said it.

But you’ll never hear me say that I’m an expert.

I’m naturally curious. I want to know the “why” behind almost everything. In a media that is changing every day, claiming to be a “social media expert” is just not OK. Instead, my claim to fame is the fact that I am willing to learn anything — and I’ve become a pretty great learner at that.

I get excited to plan a Pinterest strategy for a brand — I mean really excited. I’m intrigued by learning about a new strategy for brands using Instagram. I am genuinely interested in the Facebook page update emails — I know, I know.

I’m here to learn everything, absorb everything and produce my very best work. Every. Single. Time.

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