How I Got FUSEd

They say the best things in life scare you. Well, I was a little scared in June 2012 when I made the decision to leave a job (and people) that I loved (read about that here) to join a young, start up advertising agency. Little did I know the ride that was in store.

Stan Levy, a good ole’ DeRidder dragon himself (you have to know my husband to appreciate that statement), had a little faith in me and hired me as his Social Media Manager. At first, I was truly figuring things out as I went along. It didn’t take too long for us to get into a rhythm and create one of the strongest social media teams in Baton Rouge.

I soon transitioned into the role of an Account Executive as our team and clients grew. In this role, I had the honor of working with some of the best brands (and people) I could have ever imagined. From Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry to Rotolo’s Pizzeria; Traction Sports Performance to Walk-On’s; Community Coffee to Healthy BR and so much more. The countless clients I have learned from during my time at FUSE have truly made me a better professional and a more confident woman.

My last week at FUSE started with a Louisiana sunrise during a video shoot for FUSE client, Walk-On’s.

Another big pro about my role as an Account Executive has been the opportunity play a small role in so many different projects. I’ve loved working with and truly learning from the creative team, media buying team and web team. When all is said and done, it is the PEOPLE you work with day in and day out that make one of the biggest impact in your life. After all, we spend most of our hours awake at work! The FUSE team has definitely left their mark on my heart.

The people pictured here have made my more than four years at FUSE some of the most formative years of my professional life to date.
How many co-workers would print a large cutout of your face for your going away party?
Even my parents made the party. Not in person, but with flowers.....always fitting!
Even my parents made the party. Not in person, but with flowers…..always fitting!
Surrounded by Casey and Kaci – two of the sweetest co-workers a girl could ask for.

So, after more than four great years at FUSE, I have made the bittersweet decision to officially go out on my own to focus on my sister and I’s now online-only women’s boutique, SoSis (BIG news on that coming to you soon)!

I have truly enjoyed working with some of the most creative and talented people at FUSE since 2012. I will miss the incredible team and every little thing I’ve learned from them.

But, this team is strong, with or without me. I’m excited to see the big things they will accomplish together and am lucky to have them cheering me on as I embark on this new adventure.


Until next time….thank you FUSE for rocking my world.

6 thoughts on “How I Got FUSEd

  1. Chel, Best wishes to the next chapter of your life! You bring so much joy to everyone you meet! I’m sure everyone will miss you dearly but I bet your sis is extremely happy to have you full time! 😘

  2. I know you will be missed at FUSE but I know your next adventure will be nothing short of amazing. Go kill it!

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