My Boys & Girls Club Story (in photos)

After graduating from LSU in May 2010, my first job was with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge as their Resource Development Associate.
Through my experiences at the Club, I’ve tried to get away from the office as much as I can to see what I was really working for – kids like these.
Working with good, humble & passionate people is something that is truly invaluable. I’ve learned that the staff of the Boys & Girls Club, and most nonprofits in general, are motivated by having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone will teach you more than you can ever imagine. This overnight staff retreat taught me that differences are what make life beautiful.
One of the most rewarding days of my career to date. Just look at their faces.
My first time on air! Ever! Pretty fun.
My first national conference as a “professional” in New Orleans. Its theme – Great Futures Start Here.
Planning events became a huge part of my job. Here, the entire administrative staff gathered for a group photo at the 2nd Annual A Day to BE… event at LSU Alex Box Stadium’s Champion’s Club on June 29, 2011.
Winning GOLD for our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy in Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Marketing and Communication awards was the coolest experience ever. It was truly a team award and was so neat to accept it in San Diego in May 2012.
And then it comes to this. My last day at the Boys & Girls Club is June 20, 2012. I’m leaving this amazing team behind to try something new. I’ll never forget the many lessons I’ve learned about life and about myself. I have a long way to go, but I’ll get there – in my own time, in my own way.

On June 25, 2012, I will be starting at 3Lions Media as their Social Media Manager and Client Services Coordinator. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life!

One thought on “My Boys & Girls Club Story (in photos)

  1. Thank you so much Chelsey for enriching our lives here at the Boys & Girls Club. You were always such a ray of sunshine and I will truly miss you. I wish you all the best in the future and will certainly stay in touch to see where your journey will lead. Love and Miss You!

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